Munchkin Booty

Sail the seven seas as a Pirate, Naval Officer, or Merchant. Taunt your foes with your horrible Accent - British, Spanish, Dutch, or French. Adorn your Galleon (or your Half-Galleon) with a Figurehead. Slay Blackbeard, Redbeard, or even the fearsome Nobeard, and take their stuff! Reap the rewards of the seafaring life, like the Booty Boots, the Swishy Swash Hat, and the Cutlass (or the Cutlad, for the gents). Just watch out for Sharks from the feard Great White, through the not-so-feared-but-certainly-still-dangerous Adequate Brown, down to the Lousy Pink.

If you are a fan of the Munchkin series of games, Munchkin Booty is a great addition for if you love plundering and/or swashbuckling. Draw cards, fight monsters, level up your captain, and sabatoge your fellow players before they gain too many levels! And bring your sense of humor. You will need it!

Munchkin Booty Game

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